The Upton Cressett Blog

St Michael's selected as One of England's Most Beautiful Churches

7th October 2013

We were delighted to read that St Michael’s, Upton Cressett’s fine early Norman church has been included in Matthew Byrne’s new book: ‘Beautiful Churches Saved by the Churches Conservation Trust’. The book is published by Frances Lincoln, one of the […]

Why Heritage Philanthropy Matters – William Cash talks to Dr Simon Thurley, head of English Heritage

19th August 2013

Until quite recently, any heritage-lover showing up for a guided tour of Clifton House on Queen Anne’s Street in King’s Lynn may not have recognised the figure of Dr Simon Thurley, chief executive of English Heritage, in his chinos and tan suede […]

To the Manor Ejected: Whatever Happened to 'Please May I' ?

10th August 2013

It’s not every summer’s day at an Elizabethan historic house – following an ‘owner tour’ with home-made teas and jam sponge cake in the Medieval Rose Garden  – that a group ends up being temporarily banned from coming again. I […]

Clarification and Postscript to Daily Mail article

10th August 2013

Following the publication yesterday in the Daily Mail of my article about the Battle of the Loos at Upton Cressett, I have been besieged by emails and texts from Mail readers and friends – including from Nicholas Coleridge passing through at Rome airport, […]

Calamity Criddon: My offer of £5000 to the Bridgnorth Amateur Operatic Society to save the Shropshire Hills

10th July 2013

As announced in The Bridgnorth Journal this week, I am offering to donate £5000 to the Bridgnorth Amateur Operatic Society (BAOS) if the wind farm application at Criddon Farm, Upton Cressett, by Share Energy/Crida Wind  (on land owned by farmer Clive Millington) is […]

The Battle of Upton Cressett: Your Parish Needs You !

8th July 2013

Sometimes this campaign has felt like a chapter from The Two Towers in The Lord of the Rings – crossed with Blott on the Landscape by Tom Sharpe – with the two sides – subsidy junkie farmers, bearded and mercenary […]

The Battle of Upton Cressett: Call to Signatures

4th July 2013

The battle for the future of Shropshire’s landscape has now reached the critical stage where the concept of  ‘Localism’ – that favourite word of Eric Pickles and David Cameron – will be tested. The highly controversial and unwelcome turbine planning […]

The Wind Battle of Upton Cressett – Call to Arms – WEEK ONE

14th June 2013

Whatever happened to Localism? The wind farm application that we have been waiting for for nearly two years now is finally in. It was validated on May 28th by Shropshire council – despite a litany of factual errors and procedural […]

The Battle of the Bedroom Sheets

17th May 2013

Following the death of Baroness Thatcher, the Daily Mail today reported how we have re-named the Gatehouse bedroom in which Lady Thatcher and Sir Denis once slept in at Upton Cressett in her honour. As I explained in my Blog of May 12th, […]